Sharon runs an annual Mentoring Group that she calls: “The Temple of Mythical Magick” which merges magickal practices with shamanic work.

Participants can apply to be part of this unique training and mentoring once they have attended the “Plant Spirit Ceremonialist", our Sacred Space Holder initiation in Bali.

Sharon frequently coaches, mentors and provides intuitive wisdom to teachers, practitioners, coaches, ceremonialists and facilitators,  via private mentoring sessions.  She is a teacher of teachers, and has helped countless facilitators work with Spirit and esoteric principles.

Sharon runs a globally accredited mentoring programme, backed by the INTERNATIONAL ENERGETIC HEALING ASSOCIATION. Certification is given to those that participate in this mentoring, and have completed the following courses: Spirit Animal, Spirit Allies & Mythical Creatures; and who meet our standards as a Ceremonialist.

Private Mentoring

Sharon mentors teachers, facilitators, therapists, ceremonialists, etc.  She has helped countless facilitators create work that is in greater alignment to their soul path. Sharon draws from an extensive toolbox and no topic is off limits; allowing you to soak up her experience and training to expedite your journey and learning.

Some of the typical mentoring topics:


  • Clearing unconscious contracts with deities, spirits, malevolent ancestors from other lineages, now seeking energetic payment
  • Correcting mistakes in understanding undoing past rituals and ceremonies which are now causing issues in their lives and business
  • Energetic cleanliness and psychic privacy
  • Re-establising energetic boundaries
  • Resolving confusion about true path and authentic self expression
  • Effective ways of working with lineages, ancestors and deities
  • Effective spirit management
  • Ritual and spell work for personal and business reasons
  • Clearing personal and business blocks and stuck energetic patterns
  • Soul and business soul retrieval
  • Ancestral realignment
  • Guidance on ancestral connection and pilgrimages
  • Filling gaps in Esoteric learning
  • Spirit work mentorship and training
  • Psychic Overwhelm - help closing unclosable ceremonial or psychic doors that have been left open for too long
  • Working with shadow and emotional wounding
  • Effective and sovereign archetype work
  • Deeper and more authentic relationships with plant spirits or any other spirits eg power animals
  • Personal ceremonies for endings, transitions, beginnings and/or karmic clearing, or reconciliation
  • Plant spirit reconciliation
  • Lineage reconnection Establishing spiritual sovereignty
  • Managing spiritual awakenings / energetic openings
  • Energetic coaching – reclaiming energy, energetic tidyness
  • Understanding the energetics of social media and their impacts
  • Working on relationship issues
  • Tidying up energetic leaks

Comment from mentoring participant

"This has been one huge transformation for me. I do truly live this now. When I’m working with clients I’m working with my team in a completely new way, I’m working with a plant or my wheel or journeying as a way of life. This work has become my life and my life has become this work. Such deep gratitude for your leadership for the last year, it has been EPIC!!!"

Group Mentoring

Participants who attend Plant Spirit Ceremonialist, Sacred Space Holder Training,  can become globally certified after completion of the mentoring programme which runs for a year. Certification requires that you protect the work, respect the teachings and honour the lineages.

The programme provides a platform for community, support, tools and advanced training; to equip you to deliver high calibre work, grounded with high integrity. Deepen your knowledge and skills and ensure that the work done in Bali is continued, integrated and applied with love, honour and respect. Sharon draws from an extensive toolbox and no topic is off limits; allowing you to soak up her experience and training to expedite your journey and ability to do this work.

The mentoring programme will help you deepen your understanding of animism, shamanism, magick, spirit work, ceremony, energy and spirit weaving. This is a truly unique mentoring opportunity. It will take you deeper into your innate magick and enable you to embody the work at a cellular level. Note, all of the ceremonialist trainers who facilitate the Bali training, believe in continual growth, learning and expansion, and receive ongoing mentorship.

Some of the typical mentoring topics:

  • Dreaming Wheels & Medicine Shields
  • Lineage work including re-alignment with your own lineage
  • Working with the Celtic Wheel of the Year – an animistic perspective
  • Sacred geometry
  • Number magick
  • Planetary magick
  • Middle Earth magickal practices
  • Quantum Manifestation
  • More on working with Devas and Plant Patrons
  • Plant communions
  • Spiritual Hygiene
  • Facilitator self care practices – this is not what you may think!
  • Guidelines on running your own esoteric mentoring programmes
  • Reconciliation protocols
  • Spiritual Marketing