The Empress and the Dragon initiation journey is an activation for your energetic codes - the essence of what you are here to share with others.  This journey enables you to go deep into yourself and find your inner Truth; facilitating a genuine rebirth into your inner magick, enabling you to choose a path to walk with the certainty of knowing who you are, and the Destiny you are here to fulfil.This is a 9 month programme: each level launches with a weekend, and is followed by a 3 month container of support.  This provides enough time, space and encouragement for your inner transformation.  

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The Empress & The Dragon ™ is for women who are:

  • Excited to deepen their practice of Ritual, Magick and Alchemy and learn how to put it all into practice
  • Interested in bridging the gap between their Masculine and Feminine energies
  • Ready to remove blocks that prevent them from finding passion and purpose
  • Ready to clear past trauma from their Womb
  • Want to understand the true metaphysical power of their womb
  • Curious enough to start the healing process with their ancestry and lineage
  • Willing to be raw and vulnerable in a grounded and loving environment
  • Open to exploring and answering certain intimacy issues and fears
  • Prepared to clear the blocks that keep them trapped, looping or locked into old patterns and paradigms
  • Willing to look into the subconscious and the power it holds
  • Feeling it is time to cleanse and clear disempowering Sisterhood, Mother and Father issues
  • Committed to bringing grounding and discipline to self-practice and awareness
  • Passionate about discovering different ways to sensually connect with themselves, their bodies and their female anatomy