Dive Into the Magic of the Peacock and Scarab

Womb of Isis is a healing space for women to develop a deeper connection to themselves and Mother Earth.  This is a sacred space designed to heal traumas, shame and sexual corruption from any past lives in Egypt, so that we can forgive, and remember and embrace our gifts from those timelines.  From the Womb of Isis we can step into our true power and knowing as divine feminine representations.  We work with the energies of death, rebirth and resurrection.  We do deep energetic work on organ templates so that our old self can die and we can be reborn.  We work deeply with the Blue Lotus and essential oils from Egypt in all Womb of Isis ceremonial spaces.  The programme includes energy templates and exercises for healing the womb, heart and pineal gland.

Do you feel the rising of the divine feminine?
Do you feel connected to Isis and your Egyptian timelines?
Would you like to access your cellular memory of this knowing, and the wisdom inside of you?
Do you want to rediscover your temple gifts?

We would love to welcome you to this nurturing and magical ceremony of remembrance. This will be a place for you to awaken ancient memories of your own innate magic and wisdom.

It is time to drop into knowing, and move past any energetic blocks that are preventing you from divine re-birth. Join us in sacred space so that you can awaken your elemental body and divine expression of the feminine.

There was a time where many of us served in Egyptian Temples, before they were hijacked. We invite you to re-experience the magic of the Temple as we gather to re-connect our wombs, to the womb of the Mother of Creation. This facilitates the birth of new energies and spiritual gifts into your life.

Allow this ceremony to support the manifestation of whatever you wish to experience in your life.

You are invited to receive and reconnect to the protection of the Peacock and the lessons of the scarab.

The womb of Isis is a sensory ceremonial experience with an emphasis on the rituals and practices of temple magic. It is time to step out of your current timeline reality into a space of divine expression and embodiment; into a space of infinite possibility, awareness and joy.

We will drink a special brew of the Flower of Awakening (Blue Lotus Tea), combined with other synergistic herbs, with an Egyptian history. Your senses will be expanded and stimulated with beautiful singing bowls, chakra clearing chimes, sound healing and toning.

You will be immersed in the magic of the ancient sacred harp, as it was played when medicine and music were combined to bring healing; and you will be bathed in an aromatic Egyptian incense bath and anointed with exclusive and exquisite Egyptian oils. We have a very rare variant of Frankincense for you to experience.

You will receive an embodiment activation with the ritual of Sacred Dance which facilitates connection to your higher self and the wisdom of your heart and womb. We will also be sharing Sacred Soul connection techniques, which you can use with dance, as well as rituals and magical practices to facilitate re-birthing; all of which you can continue to practice at home to further embody this work.

These practices are secret and sacred so we will share more on the day, and rest assured that if you feel the call it is because every cell in your body has been waiting to be re-connected to the Temple of Isis.