examine the basis for your soul being

This is the real emotional work, the one that gets long lasting results as you begin the process of re-birthing your true Self

To summarize this individually-tailored process: I facilitate a re-connection to your authentic Self by being fully present as you go through your own journey “home”. I hold a safe and compassionate container through which you can free yourself from the illusory programs and belief systems which no longer serve your growth as a multi-dimensional human being. This is a path to spirit-freedom and soul liberation.

Together, we will discover the WHY of your current state of development, digging down into the root cause of your exhaustion, anger, frustration, disorientation, anxiousness, depression, isolation, pain, tears, disillusionment… we will discover why your body is hurting, and why you are constantly feeling constipated, stressed, and distracted by other mental and physical blocks. We will examine the basis for your soul being unable to sleep at night; why you can’t be present; why you are listening to the voices in your head; why you find yourself caught in a thought-and-action loop; why you are stuck in a place where you don’t feel supported and empowered to pursue a purpose; why you don’t even know “what is what” anymore….

And together, through this courageous and extensive process of discovery and engagement, we will co-create your self-healing program – one that takes into account all aspects of YOU (physical, energetic, mental, intuitive, spiritual) so that you can awaken your healing process and re-connection to Self…the place from which your fully-authentic life can evolve.

We start gently by opening the inner wounds that require attentive healing – the neglected aspects and shadow parts of yourself that need to be reclaimed, re-evaluated and integrated into your Whole being. This is the real emotional work, the one that gets long lasting results as you begin the process of re-birthing your true Self. Every client is different, and therefore every perceived problem – and every solution offered – will be unique as well. This is a call to heal your emotional trauma – energetic blockages that can be traced through your childhood and past lives. Your ancestral line is calling out for healing, calling out for the release of entities and inter-dimensional interference that have been buried within your genetic history for countless generations. No healing can take place which merely involves the waving of hands over you in a crystal-filled room –  that kind of modality strips you of personal agency, and prevents you from taking direct responsibility for performing the tough inner work that offers permanent results. When you are ready to face the depths of what you carry within every layer of your human form – when you are ready to see your shadows and heal the wounds of the inner child – then you will experience true healing unlike anything you have experienced before…why? Because you will not only embody it, you will own it.

Are you ready?