Women Working With Mother Earth

When women get together in ritual ceremony, true magic happens. We heal ourselves, we re-calibrate, we heal the planet.

The word ‘Witch’ can trigger a lot of things in women…. Fear, remembering, anxiety, longing… for we as a feminine collective have been persecuted for doing simple things like healing with herbs, talking to animals, dancing around a fire. Traditional meanings define a witch as a woman that works with magic or sorcery. We define a witch as a woman that works with Earth Mother, the elements and nature for her healing and growth. This work is not traditional wicca or black magic. This is a return to the natural order and a path of remembering and awakening to our authentic selves and the power we hold as women. Our DNA is coded for ritual and communion with nature. This weekend we start opening those pathways for you to return to fully reconnect to Earth Mother and the magic of our Earth waters. As this happens, you reconnect to the deepest parts of yourself.

We invite you to join us on a 3 day ritual retreat by the ocean where you will be fully supported to experience the ‘remembering’ that your soul is seeking as you reconnect with your elemental and magical Self through:

  • Deep, integral and grounded women’s Circle work
  • Guided processes allowing for the release and healing of ancestral and familial wounding
  • Techniques for tuning in and re-connecting with your feminine intuition
  • Working with the element of water with integrity and love
  • Water and the Celtic Medicine Wheel
  • Beautiful and powerful water magick rituals throughout the weekend including water scrying (divination)
  • Lemurian water spirits shamanic ceremony on Saturday night. This is a unique and deeply nourishing ceremony where you will be initiated into water spirit work. This ceremony has been resurrected via access to the akashic records and with special permission from the water spirits.
  • Egyptian womb anointing  - Water cleanses to purify your body, mind and spirit
  • Vaginal steaming (optional) we will take you through the metaphysical benefits of this practice and offer a safe and private space for you to experience this work
  • Womb cleanses and recalibration for co-creation - Ocean rituals - Shamanic drum journeys
  • Water witch Initiation – this is a very powerful experience as you begin to embrace your own magic

This is a magickal and experiential weekend at every level. All the rituals and practices you will be doing are working with your own energy source, the Spirit of water and plant spirits.  You will be guided safely and gently into magical realms of remembrance. We are over 70% made of water so as we work with water for a concentrated period we will be doing deep healing work of our internal waters as well as the water’s of Mother Earth.

Facilitating your weekend are Sharon Bolt and Kate Reed. With over 35 years combined experience, both women are highly respected and experienced practitioners in their respective fields.  Sharon and Kate have dedicated their professional careers to working with women who are awakening and healing from our collective traumas and are ready to move forward in life from a place of wholeness and clarity.

Our journey throughout this weekend is a collaboration of sacred rituals and grounded processes that Sharon and Kate have uniquely crafted to ensure that this experience is profoundly healing and deeply transformative. You will not find another retreat like this where the physical and the metaphysical are so beautifully supported by two such experienced practitioners.

Do not underestimate the power of this work to transform your life at every level. Shamanic ceremonies and ritual have the power to facilitate beginnings/endings and great transformation.

We work with small numbers to ensure individual attention – the maximum number of participants is 13.  Providing a strong energetic container for your process is of paramount importance to us. The 2 lead facilitators will be supported by an assistant to ensure an immaculate space is maintained at all times.