I offer the therapies that have helped me the most in my own evolutionary development

We always start with an initial consultation to get to the foundational cause of an issue, and once that is established, we turn to areas that require attention in order to transcend that issue – what aspects of yourself need to be changed, tweaked, released, embraced….

And then the rest of the process relies entirely upon our mutually-established agreement.  Miracles can happen and they do.  Sometimes that one session is the nudging catalyst which leads you to where you need to go next… sometimes, making a commitment to a treatment plan is where you are at in your self-love journey.  I offer the therapies that have helped me the most in my own evolutionary development, and I share them with honesty, integrity and an open heart. From kinesiology to hypnotherapy, shamanic healing to energy coaching/training, all the way through to one-off ‘bespoke’ ceremonies that transform group dynamics and sacred rituals that finally let individuals release their deepest wound.  With everything I offer, the one constant is that we (collectively) remain open to magic, miracles and spirit….together, we walk into the unknown.

I draw from a range of modalities and systems without attachment to any particular practice being ‘the one true path’.  Your sessions are deeply individual in design, just like you.

The Role of Dr Klinghardt’s 5 levels of healing

In all introductory sessions, we discover (based on Dr Klinghardt’s ‘5 levels of healing’ system) where we need to focus our energies so as to maximise your progress, recovery, and understanding…

In order to clarify how this model is employed within my therapy toolkit, let me provide an example:  if a client comes to me with a physical or emotional ailment, we look at the 5 levels of healing and work out which level we should focus on by using muscle testing (kinesiology) to gain an accurate ‘feedback’ response from the body.  Someone could come in with back pain, and it may be that they need to change their diet (1st level physical body)… but it also might require them to heal their beliefs around finances (3rd level mental body), re-visit a past life where they hurt their back in the same place where it hurts today (4th level intuitive body), and/or deal with inter-dimensional interference, soul loss, and spiritual intrusions (5th level Spiritual) .  In this way, the client’s session and program is tailored to what their spirit needs, rather than accommodating the preconceived, dogmatic ideas the therapist or client may have about the situation.

It is my belief that everyone is born with the power to heal themselves.  When the mind, body and spirit are in balance, this healing power can be utilised…but when we lose our equilibrium between these ‘three kingdoms’, our natural power of perpetual rejuvenation can be disrupted or destroyed.

My primary purpose is to uplift individuals by assisting them as they tap into their innate inner power so that they can become their own healer for life.