A blend of Latin American shamanism and magic, with Taoist energy training designed to heal sexual issues, clear negative cellular memory in sexual organs and recalibrate sacred sexual practice.  Involves deep shadow work, re-alignment of energy bodies, crystal healing, ritual and dragon magical practices and feminine/masculine integration.  This is the path of the Empress as east meets west in practical magic and co-creation.

What is an Empress? Traditionally a woman who is a sovereign ruler of great power and rank, especially one ruling an empire. We define empress as one who is a sovereign ruler of her body, mind and spirit… a sovereign ruler of her inter-dimensional Self. One who blossoms into her true power and embarks on a heroine’s journey of self love, sovereignty, embodiment and divine purpose. The empress is the divine feminine within you, grounded into the Mother of Creation, illuminated by the Sun.

The Dragon is the masculine within, a protector, space-holder and guardian. Once the initiate has been initiated into dragon magic and lore, the dragon is also an external spirit guide and helper. Together the empress and the dragon heal their masculine and feminine and unite to form an unstoppable force of healing energy, power and love – they activate their crystalline body and open the heart. Knowing comes from within, from the Earth’s akashic, from the clouds, the sky and the trees…nature is our teacher. The activation happen with the loving support and guidance of the initiate’s Higher Self, the crystal devas and plant spirits. Each activation is focused on one of the dan tiens, starting with the lower dan tien (energy power centre). This is so that the initiate is grounded in this practice, heals her shadow and cleans her energetic field and sexual organs before progressing with the work – moving to the middle and upper dan tiens. Every heroine’s journey is traveled at her own sacred pace.

The programme is an expansive energetic journey through the female body. There is a companion dietary programme to encompass the blood and physical structure. We work with elemental magick to connect you to your elemental body. Deep within your cellular matrix you have experienced this activation before. By aligning with the crystal deva that is the mother of the yoni egg in sacred ceremony and ritual practice, you expand its healing abilities and transformation qualities to levels that not only encompass the physical benefits but also ripple out exponentially to emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual realms. We have weaved ancient Taoist practices, central American shamanic practice and elvin magic into a unique programme of healing, activating cellular memory and awakening. Your inner empress and dragon await.