I have a deep love and reverence for all plant spirits.  I communicate with plant spirits on an ongoing basis and delight in discovering and forming new relationships with them. new plant spirits.  This is a process of meeting the spirit for the first time without any prior knowledge or education, in order to gather my own knowledge of the plant spirit’s teachings, wisdom and metaphysical benefits.   I share my findings with deep love and gratitude.

The Blue Garden is the sacred space in which I do all my plant spirit work and make my plant based alchemical blends; essences, tinctures, sprays, teas, oil blends.  Here is my training outline for those interested in deep Plant Spirit work.

I am an apprentice of the Rose, Cacao, Blue Lotus, Tobacco and many other plant spirits.  I have been working with these plants for many years and they continue to amaze me with the depth of their wisdom.  I hold Cacao, Blue lotus and Tobacco ceremonies, immersions and trainings in Australia and overseas.  Please contact me if you are interested in a private ceremony (single, couples, small groups) or any of the immersions and training.

The Blue Garden Workshops