The Sisterhood of the Sun is a women’s circle that is authentic, honest, integral, innocent, joyous yet powerful.  Every woman brings her unique coding and gifts to the space: this is a non-hierarchical structure of women holding space for each other in unity consciousness with a common intention and purpose.  When women put their differences aside they become a powerful force of creation and change.  In this space, we work with the Sun Codes and Solar Beings in order to grow exponentially and become the highest version of ourselves.

Each Sisterhood of the Sun event is educational, embodied and heart-centred.

Here is the latest Sisterhood of the Sun event:

Dream Weaving In Circle – Awaken Your Shamanic Dreamer (Women Only) – with Kate Reed of The Sister Circles

Have you noticed that your dreams have been different in the last couple of months? Have you started dreaming again? Have you stopped dreaming? What does all of this mean?

Re-connect with the Shaman (Seer, Mystic, Witch, Medicine Women) you hold deep inside and join us for a magical weekend of Dream Weaving in Circle.

A modern day Shamanic Dreamer is someone who understands we are living in a multi-dimensional universe and dreams are a gateway to other realms where we can access wisdom, guidance and healing.

When we work consciously with our dreams, we start to recognise the relationship between our ‘sleeping’ and ‘waking’ states and the interplay and co-creation between them.

Through Active Dreaming we are able to establish a deeper connection with our soul’s guidance and wisdom which leads us to fuller and more creative lives, filled with purpose and meaning.

During this very special weekend event, we will be working with specific dreaming techniques and tools that will open the door to Dreamtime realities so we can heal ourselves, and the collective and establish clear pathways for future access to these worlds.

We will also be journeying to the realms of dreaming awake, waking up from the dream and creating new dreams.

We will clear old webs preventing us from dreaming. By clearing out old traumas and physical issues we open to deeper dreaming. (There will be a suggested diet and cleanse one month before the event to facilitate this process during the weekend, although this is not compulsory).

As an integral part of the weekend, we will be creating our own dream catchers, weaving our dreams and prayers into physical reality, as well as the energetic realms that support our physical process. Your dream catcher will become a medicine tool for healing, transmutation, empowerment and co-creation.

On the weekend we will be exploring the following themes:

  • How to activate and access the dream state
  • Communicating with your Soul through dreams
  • Understanding and co-creating the secret language of signs and symbols in dreams
  • Crystals and herbs that facilitate dreaming and lucid dreaming
  • Connecting to your dream guide / Connecting to the Dreamer
  • The dream within the dream
  • Spider Medicine – we will be working with Spider Medicine, the weaver of destiny. We are working with the messages and energy of the spider to learn how to weave our destiny via creation of our own dream catchers. Please note that this is energetic work, no real spiders will be used.
  • Brain chemistry for dreaming
  • Techniques for spiritual cleanliness and dreaming
  • Working with The 4 Elements and Dreaming
  • Transforming nightmares and clearing the energy from your body
  • Dream embodiment – using dance, movement and sound to clear a dream, bring a dream to life or activate a dream.
  • Taoist dreaming practices

Over the weekend you will also:

  • Create your own dreaming crystal and herb bundle
  • Create your own dream catcher – Dream catcher medicine
  • Be guided in a Mugwort initiation ceremony
  • Be guided through Shamanic journeys to the dream state

Overall you can expect to feel a deeper connection and merging between your awake state and your dream state. You will have spent the weekend weaving and dreaming in different realities to facilitate a co-creation relation with your current paradigm.