Emphatic and Decisive

From a Bloodline of Spirit Workers and Curanderos

Sharon Bolt is a skilled, grounded, intuitive, and multidisciplinary therapist who specializes in the body/mind/spirit connection. Her qualifications include training as an accredited kinesiologist, clinical hypnotherapist, hypnoenergetics practitioner, past life regressionist, quantum consciousness facilitator, NLP practitioner, holistic healer, health consultant, energy coach, and core shamanism guide. Sharon is also a trained chi kung instructor, which involved her studying the Korean branch of this mind-body energetic arts system for seven years. During her training in this discipline- which also involved living with Korean energy masters for two years – she was a practicing Taoist monk, and ran an Energy Training Centre in London which boasted over 200 members. Sharon is not a spiritual lightweight when it comes to seeking out and embodying new realms of esoteric and traditional knowledge, and has undergone rigorous shamanic initiations in different parts of the world (Peru, Korea, UK, Bali, Australia) in order that she may “walk the talk”.

Sharon now teaches a fusion of her chi kung and shamanic training expertise (Shamanic Energy Training) which is an embodiment programme of personal empowerment – allowing students to ground and incorporate key energy principles into their everyday lives.  Sharon is a prolific collector of wisdom from a diverse spectrum of schools and traditions, all for the purpose of building her abilities as both teacher and trainer.  She shares her learnings and insights with the larger community by holding various events and programmes, which encompass a wide range of experiences: Plant Spirit Communication, Energy Healing, elemental magic workshops, Pendulum Dowsing training, women’s only sensuality training, and more.

Before becoming a therapist and workshop leader, Sharon was a Global Account Director for top Advertising Agencies in London, and travelled around the world whilst delivering training and supervision programs to affiliate advertising agencies. The leadership and responsibility skills she learned from living this ‘other life’ have served her well when it comes to conducting extremely-organized events and holding space in group settings.

Sharon is a facilitator who is both empathic and decisive in her approach to group (and individual) interactions. She has been facilitating energy training workshops, shamanic workshops and women’s only healing workshops for over 15 years. Sharon is also a ritual and ceremonial facilitator, and is often asked to create custom ceremonies for clients with specific needs/goals. She creates grounded spaces that offer up evolutionary opportunities, and is used to working with the deepest wounds in people – emotional and otherwise. Herself being a wounded healer, Sharon is an ascension midwife, and helps people ‘birth’ their True Authentic Selves into manifest reality. Sharon also enables people to work with their inner shadow, using techniques that are both deeply healing and transformational in nature. In addition to all of this, her unique ability to work with plant spirits in other dimensions allows for new frequencies to come through in ceremonial settings, providing deeper insights and awakenings.

A native of Nicaragua, Sharon’s lineage is Mayan, Spanish, English and Hungarian.  She comes from a bloodline of spirit workers and curanderos (healers).

Sharon is fully insured for all of her therapy applications, and is accredited by the following associations:  The Association of Systematic Kinesiology UK; The Australian Kinesiology Association.

Sharon’s Research, Coursework and Training Qualifications

  • QUT Bachelor of Business in Communication – Advertising Major 1991-1993
  • Dahn Hak Korean Energy Training London & Korea – full time 2 years 2002-2004, part time for an additional 5 years
  • Mental Fitness for Athletes Seminar for Professionals, Total Fitness, United Kingdom, March 2005
  • The Nutritional Testing Training course with The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology, United Kingdom, November 2005
  • Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, New Age London, July 2005
  • The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology Foundational Course in Systematic Kinesiology, United Kingdom, January 2006
  • College of Chi Kung London Teacher Training Programme, June 2007
  • The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology Professional Practitioner Training Course in Systematic Kinesiology, United Kingdom, February 2007
  • ITEC Diploma in Diet & Nutrition for Complementary Therapists, United Kingdom, May 2008
  • Post Graduate course in Biochemical Pathways course in Kinesiology Part 2 and Higher Vehicles, United Kingdom, November 2008
  • Neuro Energetic Kinesiology – Neuro Emotional Pathways 1, Ireland, September 2008
  • Neuro Energetic Kinesiology – Neuro Emotional Pathways 2, Ireland, November 2008
  • Neuro Energetic Kinesiology – Chakra Hologram 1, Ireland, November 2008
  • Neuro Energetic Kinesiology – The Genetic I Ching Hologram, Ireland, February 2009
  • Omega Teaching Centre Adrenal Exhaustion Seminar, United Kingdom, July 2009
  • Nutri Ltd The Future of the Clinic – new frontiers in Nutritional Medicine Training, United Kingdom, September 2009
  • Omega Teaching Centre Nutritional Training Annual Update, United Kingdom, September 2009
  • Nutri Ltd Therapeutic Interventions for Chronic Conditions, United Kingdom, October 2009
  • Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming by Beeleaf Insitute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, United Kingdom, March 2009
  • Foundation Certificate in Contemporary Psychotherapy by BeeLeaf Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, United Kingdom, March 2009
  • Post Graduate course in Biochemical Pathways Part 2, United Kingdom, December 2009
  • Triangles of Light Natural Healing Method, United Kingdom, February 2010
  • Advanced Integrated Course in Kinesiology, United Kingdom, March 2010
  • Integrated Healing – Healing Pathways, United Kingdom, April 2011
  • Integrated Healing – Healing Concepts, United Kingdom, April 2011
  • Integrated Healing – Healing Body, United Kingdom, May 2011
  • Integrated Healing – Healing Mind, United Kingdom, May 2011
  • Welscreen Consultant Professional Development “Parameters of Wellness” workshop April 2012
  • Certificate of Completion Cranial Laser Reflex Technique, United Kingdom, April 2012
  • Reiki Level 1 Practitioner Training in the Usui Method of Natural Healing, United Kingdom, February 2012
  • Reiki Level 2 Practitioner Training in the Usui Method of Natural Healing, United Kingdom, February 2012
  • Institute of Hypnoengergetics Certificate of Hypnosis, November 2014
  • Institute of Hypnoenergetics Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy / Practitioner of Hypnoenergetics October 2015
  • VenArch Wellness Therapies Healing Hands Practitioner Australia, October 2015
  • Michael Harner’s Foundation for Shamanic Studies Asia:
    • Extraction Healing Training Feb 2015
    • Shamanism, Dying and Beyond – Psychopomp Feb 2015
    • Power Soul Retrieval Feb 2015
    • Shamanic Training in Creativity Feb 2015
    • Shamanic  Advanced Divination Training Feb 2015
    • Currently undergoing the 3 year diploma training with the Foundation of Shamanic Studies
    • Shamanic initiations with native healers/apprenticeships in Peru, Bali, Korea and Australia 2014-15
    • Institute of Hypnoenergetics ‘Hypnoenergetics for Past Life’ March 2016
    • ISHA Clinical Aromatherapy Course Module 1, April 2016
    • Institute of Quantum Consciousness, The Quantum Consciousness Experience Facilitator Training May 2016
  • Institute of Hypnoenergetics ‘Hypnoenergetics for Past Life’ March 2016
  • ISHA Clinical Aromatherapy Course Module 1, April 2016
  • Institute of Quantum Consciousness, The Quantum Consciousness Experience Facilitator Training May 2016
  • ISHA Clinical Aromatherapy Course Module 2, December 2016
  • Chakra Healing Kinesiology, August 2016

Stories from my Clients

From the moment I met Sharon, I could tell she was someone who knew what she was doing. Not only did my sessions of kinesiology highlight some nutritional imbalances, but some emotional ones too. Sharon is easy to talk to, knowledgeable and can offer some great advice towards improving mental, physical and spiritual well-being. I can highly recommend her and a session with her is always worthwhile and productive!
Kerry Harding
Together with her wide range of different treatment methods – from NLP to applied kinesiology to pendulum, Sharon’s intuition is so developed that it became a separate treatment method in itself. This enabled me to place total trust in her from deep within myself, not just cosmetically, and helped me recover my health.
Lydia Campbell
8 months ago I was diagnosed with pre cancerous cells in my cervix.  I saw Sharon for treatment and after two months went back to the doctor and everything was back to normal.  I love my new healthier lifestyle, enjoy juicing and raw smoothies and am much happier as I feel more confident and less stressed.
Ana Gonzalez
My youngest daughter (she is 7 years old) has been plagued with digestive difficulties for over a year.  I was not keen on continuing to give laxatives to such a young child.  I was delighted with Sharon’s insight and suggestions.  The changes were not always easy to implement however I can happily report my daughter is a completely different person who now smiles a lot more.
 Angela White
Sharon has helped my two children regain their health.  My four year old had severe eczema which is no longer a problem.  My two year old was a nervous child with constipation, I am delighted to say this is no longer a problem either.  Sharon is great with kids and provides natural alternatives.  She now treats the whole family and we now consider her our first port of call when symptoms appear.
Jane Cannon
You have been SO wonderful to all of us and I feel most especially meeting you has been the turning point in my healing journey . You are such a generous soul and we have all been blessed to have you in our lives.
Nicola Philipson
After becoming disillusioned with the conventional models of medicine, I went to see Sharon to discover why I was so tired.  Immediately I felt hope that this was not all in my head as we discovered the causes of my chronic fatigue (parasites, adrenal exhaustion, food intolerances).  Slowly I began to rebuild my life and now I have energy and passion I thought I would never regain.  Sharon’s treatments give you fascinating insight into your subconscious mind and your body.  I am happy to recommend Sharon to anyone experiencing less than optimal health.
Louise Smithfield
Sharon is an inspiring and charismatic person with a kind nature. She has got a very thorough and complex approach. She helped me to overcome quite a few health problems and completely changed my way of life. Thanks to her we now have a beautiful, healthy baby! Thank you Sharon, you are great, all the best to you!
Kat Zahradka