Shamanic Medicine for the Heart and Soul


Shamanic consultations are a sacred work which requires a dedicated and responsible approach from the practitioner involved.  To begin, I open up a medicine wheel, and we collectively set the intention for true spirit healing to occur in the space being created.  Shamanic medicine soothes both the heart and the soul, and thus has a positive effect on all aspects of Being.  This is the place wherein miracles unfold…every session is different, and every session is discussed beforehand so as to prepare the person for the work which lies ahead.

The session may involve healing practices that incorporate: removal of spiritual intrusions; soul retrieval; power animal retrieval; plant consciousness assistance; and other related energetic solutions. The session might feature the use of: rattles/ medicine drums/other sound healing technology; crystals; various incenses; essential oils – there is no set format when it comes to a customized consultation. The session or ritual may also include the medicines of hape, cacao and/or tobacco, if appropriate.

Magic cannot be explained.  This is a deep journey that delves into the subtle energy realms of the Self, releasing trauma and embracing the totality of your Whole-ness.


Shamanic Hypnotherapy is a unique modality that’s been developed by Sharon in order to facilitate connection between the client and their interconnected spirit realm. While under the protective and nurturing guidance of Sharon’s unique hypnosis protocols, you can:

  • Meet your power animal archetypes
  • Meet your spirit guides
  • Find your spirit gifts
  • Communicate with Plant Teachers
  • Communicate with your Immortal Self
  • Experience previous incarnations of your Spirit in order to recover lost knowledge

These sessions are particularly useful for those students of traditional shamanism who are looking to expand their experience (and deepen their insights) whilst journeying through the multi-dimensional layers of reality.

Vibrational Elixirs / Remedies Alchemy

I have a deep connection to vibrational remedies and the plant and crystal kingdoms from which these essences are derived.  In my clinic, I use Bach Flower Essences, Chakra Remedies, Whale and Dolphin essences, Icelandic essences, Shamanic Essences, Liquid Crystals, Tree Essences and essential oils.  The remedies are an alchemical blend, crafted with  informed intuition so as to meet the individual needs of my clients; the range of essences used in every single mixture are uniquely-different to one another. Each remedy I create expresses the possibility of magic contained in a bottle.

These are truly-personalised, highly-vibrational remedies that are designed to assist you with integrating the session’s benefits while also supporting you in your ongoing transformational work.

Customized Co-Creation

All of the session options listed here are available to be conducted via Skype, except for the hypnosis work, which must be done in person.  I conduct Skype consultations with individuals who are situated around the world, and the feedback/results from these sessions have mirrored those achieved by my work with “in-clinic” clients.

Initial Consultation 1.5 hours

This is the foundational, co-creative interaction through which all other healing modalities flow; it’s the space wherein we discover what is truly occurring within you on all physical, energetic, mental, intuitive and spiritual levels.  We uncover and identify the imbalances that have arisen throughout your life’s history of choices, and return you to an equanimeous state of energetic balance.  We then lay out all of the options for providing you with the best route towards healing and empowering your own evolutionary development.

Hypnoenergetics/Past life regression 2.5-3 hours

This process involves deep emotional transformational work, as we heal your emotional and physical wounds across many timelines.  It is a journey into your true authentic self, the self that lies beyond the boundaries of your ‘known’/perceived reality.

Shamanic Consultations 1-3 hours

This multi-layered offering includes healing, ritual and/or private ceremony modalities which delve into the esoteric realms of heightened insight , clarity and assistance in order to generate fundamental shifts in self-awareness/empowerment.

Energy/Shamanic Coaching 1 hour

These sessions assist you in your work with core shamanic practice principles. I draw upon my 13 years of experience in working with energy-harnessing (and voyaging within shamanic realms of expanded reality) to share with you the following:

  • Working effectively with Medicine Wheels
  • Safety precautions in shamanic work
  • Spirit animal, spirit teams, and the primacy of the Self
  • Shamanic Journeying: Hyperspace travel and navigation techniques
  • Setting up/activating sacred spaces
  • Soul retrieval / trauma-tracking methods
  • Elemental magic practices and rituals
  • Plant spirit communication and ongoing relationship- building (sharing tools and approaches that will facilitate your communication abilities with any plant spirit in the multi-dimensional realms, e.g. Frankincense, cacao, sage, palo santo, tobacco, hape, kola, etc.)