Provide opportunities to deeply connect to more aspects of your total self

There are few opportunities in life where you have the chance to experience yourself as a multidimensional vessel while connecting to those other aspects of your being through the prism of parallel timelines or dimensions – the Quantum Consciousness Modality is one of these rare instances.

Out of all of the various paradigms I employ in my work with clients, QC is one of the highest-vibrational, loving and sacred practices I’ve had the good fortune to facilitate.  This is a very expansive experience for most people who interact with the concept, and I consider it to be more Shamanic than therapeutic in its approach – although QC can certainly be extremely healing, it is not intended as a therapy session.

For those who are ready, it can provide opportunities to deeply connect to more aspects of your “total” self… enabling an individual to learn, gain wisdom, and receive healing from other versions of the fractal expression of Source called “You”.

For those who wish to explore.

A Quantum Consciousness Experience (QCE) is a guided, other-than-ordinary tour into the multi-reality layers of your individual, ‘personalized’ universe.  Much like a Past Life journey, it can provide uplifting emotional effects; similar to a deep relaxation meditation session,  it can offer deeply-beneficial insights.  In the wake of a QCE session, you will certainly gain new perspectives into your personal issues and situations in this life, and you will feel incredibly relaxed and rejuvenated as well.

For those who wish to evolve, transform or become more attuned to their inner being.

QCE enables you to gain insights, wisdom, and a fresh outlook on your everyday existence – it also opens the metaphysical door to allow people to explore their wildest and deepest existential questions.  If you have looked back on the life-changing choices you’ve made and wondered what your life would be like if you had chosen differently, then this is the type of session that may provide some answers (and closure).  A QCE can be compared to having a pep talk/reality check from another aspect of your Soul-self.

Further background and scientific information.

This particular modality for accessing ‘non-local’ information (in regards an individual’s life and purpose) was created by an Australian called Peter Smith, one of the founders of Hypnoenergetics and president of the Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives since 2009.  The video below shows Peter providing an introduction to this work:

The Quantum Consciousness Journey

  • The Quantum Consciousness journey starts with a reminder that we are so much more than we believe ourselves to be. This knowing changes the Present Consciousness, and you are guided to expand beyond the limiting aspects of linear time and material space, through different states of awareness – thereby giving you an opportunity to heal and explore other aspects of yourself within the context of your uniquely-personal universe.
  • Our Stored Consciousness holds all of the experiences from this lifetime, even those we are yet to have; with QCE, we ask these aspects of ourselves (from anywhere along this current timeline) to come forward to share wisdom or healing.
  • We then travel through the realm of our Alternate Consciousness, where the possibility exists that important decisions led to the creation of a ‘replicated You’ in an alternate reality.  We meet and share time with these alternate reflections of your Self, who offer you their perspective of what it was like to make a different decision than the one you made in this life, and we then explore the life experience which arose from this result.
  • Next, we move through your Parallel Consciousness, where you discover what it is like to exist in other bodies on this earth in another period of Earth’s history.  Again, we make exchanges with these fractal aspects of your Soul lineage that leave all aspects of you in a higher vibrational state.
  • Then we visit our Inter-dimensional Consciousness, where we experience the knowing of existing as other life forms who reside in other dimensions, again for the purpose of exchanging energy patterns of information.
  • Finally, you embrace your Eternal Consciousness, and pause to experience that transformational energy, before briefly blending into the Fabric of the Cosmos itself.

Essential Elements of The Quantum Consciousness Modality

The Creator Effect embraces the concept that we can assist in co-creating anything we desire through the harnessing of our intention. This concept has its origins in the Quantum principle of “The Observer Effect”. This theory (which has been verified by various experiments) states that we affect an outcome just by observing an event. It encapsulates the power of our individual and collective intention, and confirms that we are guiding many aspects of our own destiny.

Entanglement embraces the concept of oneness – that we are all part of the singular energy of the universe, and that some particles are more entangled than others. We live in a timeless space where all epochs, alternate realities, parallel lives and our pure soul state reside. All are held within our personal universe. When we inwardly-direct this Quantum principle of “Entanglement” towards our own personal universe, we can seek out (and find) other metaphysical aspects of ourselves.

Everywhere-ness works on the Quantum principle of “Nonlocality”, which states that electrons can exist in more than one place simultaneously. In fact, they exist everywhere simultaneously, due to the aforementioned fact that their existence is established only as a probability until they are actually observed. In this same way, we humans exist in all dimensions at the same time (including all linear time zones).  We can visit these places to find the healing and wisdom that serves the greater sum of being-that-we-are.

Holographic Healing works on the Quantum principle that we live in a “holographic universe” – a universe in which the large and the small  exist within the same essential frequency, and that the tiniest particle of matter contains the totality of the All. This simply means that any wisdom we uncover from our other selves – and any healing we undertake as a result of these ‘revelations’ – can subsequently generate an evolving vibrational wave of higher consciousness which ripples out into the fabric of the cosmos in order to serve the evolution of the universe itself. Our personal universe is simply a holographic subset of all there is.

Potential Reasons to Explore the Quantum Consciousness Experience Modality

  • You have done a lot of work on yourself thus far,and want a change from traditional, established modes of therapy;
  • you realise that you are a multidimensional being and want to connect to more of who you are, and open up gateways for further experiences with all that you are…
  • those of you that have experienced altered states or have had other types of non-ordinary reality experiences, like those achieved in drumming circles, cacao ceremonies or with entheogens, and would like to experience a safe expansive alternative where you prove to yourself that you have everything you need within you.
  • QCE can be used to facilitate connecting to other aspects of yourself that have lived a completely different set of experiences from those you have had in this current incarnation.  You can often open up the possibility to make an on going energy exchange for the mutual benefit and upliftment of yourselves and the universe as a whole.
  • The idea is to leave all aspects of you in a higher vibration than you may have initially experienced them, which will have a knock on effect to all who experience you and your other selves, after the experience.
  • You may just wish to understand more about yourself and why you are here.We are concerned here with the raising of consciousness of the whole universe, one multidimensional  being at a time.