Sensory Communication with Plant Spirits

This is a unique one day experience to embrace new levels of sensory communication with plant spirits via ‘urban dietas’.

We will work with essential oils as a means to communicate with the plant spirit but also enable easy ingestion.  This work can also apply to herbs, flowers and readily available traditional dieta plant teachers such as Pau D’arco and Cat’s Claw.  You will be shown a variety of ways of connecting to plant spirits from traditional formats to more unconventional methods.  This is a highly experiential day.  The techniques you will be shown can be used to communicate with all elemental beings, crystal divas and spirits.

Learn how to:

  • Merge with a plant spirit for healing yourself and healing others
  • Find a plant spirit in the spirit realm and learn about its metaphysical benefits
  • Discover best practice for unlocking the spirit and the many blessings that this brings
  • Work with magical sensory practices to facilitate communication
  • Engage in a benevolent contract with plant allies
  • Energetically transmit a plant spirit ally to another person in a healing session
  • Energetically transmit a plant spirit into drinks and food as a potentiator for healing
  • Work with plant spirits and the chakra/endrocrine gland system
  • Use Shamanic practice in the urban jungle incorporating spiritual cleanliness and boundaries
  • Work with plant spirits for space clearing and protection
  • Enhance your dreaming with plant spirits, awaken lucid dreaming
  • Plant allies and reciprocity
  • Using crystals to expand the communication – lemurian quartz crystals work really well but any small clear quartz will work.

Bring with you:

  • Eye mask
  • A small herb pot plant
  • A freshly picked flower/s (ask permission before you pick the flower/s)
  • A clear quartz crystal

Lunch: Please bring a packed lunch for our break. Tea and water will be provided.

Optional – Bring one of the following oils of your choice. Please ensure that they are high quality pure essential oils, not perfumed oil:

  • Myrrh
  • Frankincense
  • Lavender
  • Cinnamon
  • Lemon
  • Geranium
  • Rose
  • Ylang ylang

You will be shown how to work with the plant spirit of these oils from a metaphysical point of view and how to use them to heal the chakras/endocrine glandular system including which acupuncture points to use for each chakra and gland.

As a bonus, you will be exposed to new ways of working with sage and palo santo. Both sage and palo santo will be for sale on the day.  You can also bring your own if you wish.

Pau D’arco and cat’s claw (shipibo tea) will be complimentary on the day.

This material is not being presented in this format anywhere else.  I am incorporating techniques learnt during various training and initiations undertaken  (in the jungle, Taoist training, core shamanism, Druid magical practices and direct teachings from the plant spirits themselves).

We will finish with a Taoist tea ceremony.

This course is open to all but if you struggle with meditation/visualisation and have no experience in shamanic drum journeys you may find it frustrating.  You will still enjoy the practices but it may take a while of personal practice before they are fully embodied.  This course will also challenge conventional views on Plant Teachers so come with an open mind.