Modalities I Share For Working In The Practical World

Energy Activation Coaching Modality

With this modality, Taoist and shamanic energy principles are explored in order to provide students with the frequency-accessing tools and techniques that will allow them to cleanse stagnant energies, bring new vibrational fields into their lives, and use their own energy patterns to generate co-creative opportunities in a more focused and direct way. Energy activation coaching includes an energetic analysis of where you are currently at (from a vibrational perspective) and, based on this feedback, offering solutions that will assist you in developing a more efficient and focused energetic ‘output’. Tao magic practices of holistic alchemy and inner transformation are included in this coaching work.

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching Modality

Your health truly is your wealth – all forms of abundance and opportunity flow from possessing a sound mind and fully-engaged body. This modality focuses on health and nutrition strategies to facilitate healing at all levels, thus opening up new pathways of holistic well-being. With this practice, I use my kinesiology work as a foundational analytic tool, specializing in detecting energetic biochemistry imbalances that mainstream methods would find tricky to locate and identify (e.g., parasites, fungus, bacteria, viruses, etc.). I find out what these ‘intruders’ are (and where they are residing) at an energetic level, and then put together comprehensive strategies and fully-detailed programmes to help you remove them from your system with an individually-tailored and gentle detoxification protocol so that you can become more balanced and energized. The entire process is all about aligning your physical self to your true Being in an authentic and empowering way.

Ritual and Ceremony Modality

Ritual and ceremony practices work at a spiritual level to transform deep subconscious patterns and create lasting, truly beneficial change. When the space is clean; when the group intention is in alignment with Spirit; and when the individual’s intention is empowered, the result is a unified field of consciousness for the uplifting emancipation of ALL involved.

I have been a ceremonial space-holder for 10 years. I facilitate deeply-grounded and transformational ceremonial events that are based upon Taoist energy principles and core shamanic practices. My primary strength lies in creating a powerful container within which to guide the energetic direction of the ceremony itself, and holding a strong energetic centre that provides the foundation for heart-based evolution to occur.

I offer private rituals and ceremonies that are based on your needs and requirements. All ceremonial practice is a co-creation between facilitator and participant.

These rituals and ceremonies are offered for individuals or groups, and can be specifically-tailored for special occasions as well. I work with the planetary elements and plant spirits in a unique way. My aim is to break through the current (lower vibrational/limiting) consciousness field of where this work is at, thereby reaching more expansive realms and deeper levels of interaction/co-creation.

There are a variety of options when it comes to this modality, including:

  • Elemental ceremonies – fire, air, water, earth. Connecting deeply to the spirit of each element, developing the right relationship towards each aspect of our planet (with appropriate boundaries) while working with the alchemy of each element – a process that’s based upon intention and sacredness.
  • Cacao ceremonies for heart healing, creativity, sexual energy balancing, birthing, and manifesting. Cacao ceremonies can be used for calling in soul children for the purposes of closure, as well as for healing relationship issues/sexual dysfunction. The Cacao sacrament is made from 100% raw ceremonial grade cacao, sustainably sourced and produced in the Guatemala Highlands, and alchemically mixed by Sharon with a signature blend of spices, high potency raw super foods, medicinal mushrooms, magical essential oils, Liquid Crystals, flower essences, and shamanic essences of other Master Plant Teachers. It is suitable for vegans. The only contra-indications for ceremonial cacao use are for those suffering from serious heart problems and/or those using anti-depressants. Please let us know if you are pregnant (or are following a raw food diet) so that the dose may be adjusted. The way we work with the Cacao Spirit allows it to be a powerful tool of Self Love, Fertility, Manifestation, Abundance, and so much more….Cacao is known as the “Food of the Gods”, and has been used ceremonially for hundreds of years in Central and South America.
  • Tobacco ceremonies for clearing, grounding, protection and prayer. Tobacco is a Master Plant teacher and healer. Tobacco ceremonies are a beautiful way to connect to this Teacher and receive its many blessings. The ceremony can be done in either the form of liquid tobacco or hape (sacred snuff).
  • Cacao and Kola ceremonies for balancing our inner masculine and feminine, our heart chakra, and our pineal and pituitary glands. This ceremony facilitates spirit communication and integration.

There are many more permutations and varieties to explore…all rituals and ceremonies are specifically tailored to you and/or your group’s intention and desired outcome.

Energy Practice in Business Settings Modality

The benefits to be gained from individuals learning how to access and harness their own innate energetic powers of personal intention and manifestation – and learning how to release unhelpful/restrictive energies from their field at the same time – can also be applied to business settings and entrepreneurial endeavors. My background in the world of multinational advertising (working with some of the world’s biggest brands, and tasked with organizing ‘best practice’ team building programs) has given me strong insights into the many challenges that face a company when it comes to various dynamics, along with a variety of solutions to these roadblocks that I have developed through my personal energy training evolution. Whether it involves energy consultations for business leaders so that they can become the (literal) energy director of their brand, training sessions for employees in order to generate greater creative output and stronger group harmony, or energy clearing ceremonies of business premises so as to facilitate a more productive work environment, I can be of assistance to your corporate vision. Businesses I have worked with include Home Juice and Beyond Rest Floatation Tanks.


Mentorship Modality

Mentoring is an important aspect of my training work – I have been incredibly-fortunate to have had some powerful mentors act as guides on my evolutionary path over the years. My mentoring work primarily involves assisting new therapists in developing their “toolbox” and abilities via the deployment of energy training principles, sharing with you the concepts I have used to create a full time business which possesses a fully-aligned ‘resonance’ with my purpose.  I haven’t had a website for the past four years (until now) and I don’t put out any advertising… yet I have a busy clinic, and travel the world delivering workshops and training seminars.  I am not saying that this is the way to create a business! But it shows you that developing a successful business involves (to a large degree) an energetic component of vibrational symbiosis.  With this mentoring modality, I will be guiding you through these elements so that you can tap into dynamic principles of alignment and learn how to grow your own thriving practice.  I am willing to mentor both individuals and groups of practitioners, with a maximum of six per group at a time so as to allow for individual attention.