Kinesiology allows us to access the human body’s wisdom

Kinesiology integrates the physiological principles of modern health sciences together with complementary and traditional medicines.  Kinesiology deals with the primary cause of symptoms by working with the intelligence of our body structure – it is a system which operates from the principle that mind, emotions and spirit are as one. It is a very powerful methodology that is especially useful in situations where there are a wide range of seemingly unconnected symptoms which defy conventional analysis.

Kinesiology allows us to access the human body’s wisdom in a way that is analogous to ‘plugging into’ a living computer. It’s techniques are based on the understanding that your body knows the condition of every organ, muscle and cell within itself.

When kinesiology is used in a clinical setting, imbalances in the body are made conscious. A group of people who are all afflicted by a similar symptom can actually be experiencing issues arising from individually-unique expressions of internal imbalances.. Everyone is a world unto themselves, and kinesiology applies this truth in a direct and highly effective manner.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ application with kinesiology – this modality is a direct response to your body requirements for identifying its own healing needs.

Kinesiology includes techniques based on:

  • Acupressure  / acupuncture (no needles are used)
  • Homoeopathy
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Stress diffusion techniques
  • Healing (colour and sound)
  • Naturopathy
  • Gentle bone structure/muscle group corrections
  • Nutrition
  • Herbs and flower essences

How Can Kinesiology Help You?

  • Treating the whole individual, rather than focusing on the symptoms.
  • Systematic Kinesiology treats the individual as a unified collection of interrelated networks, and works with the body’s intuitive intelligence in order to bring it back into balance.  Kinesiology may help to prevent illness by picking up on imbalances before they manifest into more serious issues; this is achieved by finding and clearing the underlying causes of these imbalances, in partnership with the body’s in-built healing capabilities.