It is the day after having completed the warrior series of the White Dragon training with Sharon and Joe. I feel compelled to write my thoughts having now been engaged in the series coupled with daily practice for the last six months. Personally i have noticed a significant difference in my life in all areas. Although challenging both physically and emotionally, the work has allowed me to push through many barriers including facing my fear of water (though I still have a way to go), severing ties with unhealthy relationships, releasing judgement of myself and others, forming much stronger friendships, and building my business.

Overall I feel more confident, intuitive, and alligned. But enough about me. Over the last 6 months I have noticed marked changes both positive and negative in my colleagues also. I found this to be inversely proportionate to the amount of inner work they had done on themselves. Those who did none, I witnessed spiraling further into chaos and misery. Those who had done much I witnessed a great improvement and sense of contentment. What was even more interesting was that some who had simply participated in the class, had shifted and much of the embedment of the practices had stuck.

A good friend of mine had turned around major family issues becoming kinder and compassionate and maintained a control over her normally fiery nature. Members of classes past had returned not to participate, but rather to give back. Some brought instruments for healing. One member last night even constructed a highly complex and beautiful chrystal grid incorporating a stone for each of the class participants, which he then freely gave away so people could take a quartz peice to remind them of the powerful nature of this practice.

I know I will treasure mine and have now placed it on my alter to assist with the furthering of my practice. I witnessed great humility and generosity in this act and could readily see how the class had spilled over into his life thus creating a community spirit in him and others. I am consistently amazed by this practice and the diligence and hard work that Sharon and Joe put into it. They do it not for the money( for there is little in it) but for the incredible difference in peoples lives.

Last night I was told that a former student of Sharonʼs was in Nepal and found that just by tapping the Dan Tien, it calmed down the stress levels in the locals during the natural disaster there last year. If this can do that for people under extreme stress, imagine what it can do for you?

Sharon has said on many occasions that this work isnʼt sexy, but I disagree. What could be more sexy than a world in complete peace and harmony, beaming light to everything
and everyone. It is sexy and it works!!

Thank you to you both for bringing it into my life and allowing me to be the best me that I can be.