Sharon magically appeared in my life back in 2008 at a time when I’d seen many practitioners for stress, trauma and nutritional problems but was getting nowhere. I literally put a call out for the right therapist to come into my life as I felt desperately alone. I’d started to ‘wake up’ and I’d been researching nutrition and making healthy changes to my diet but I worked and lived in alcohol culture environments where I felt stuck and unsupported. By initially having kinesiology treatments with Sharon I was transformed. I was blown away by her knowledge, intuitive nature and compassion however, Sharon is so incredibly practical too. The way she combines the magic of life with the need to be a functioning 3D human being is a rare gift. Sharon began to mentor me more as time went on and I was able to leave my job in the oil industry, my unhappy relationship and to heal many strained relationships in my life, including the one with myself! I’ve become a full time therapist and I’m happy to finally be following my true path because of her training, mentoring, love and support all along the way. I feel blessed and so grateful to have Sharon as my mentor and teacher.