Hypnoenergetics provides the key to accessing the subconscious gateway

Heal your present by addressing your past

Hypnoenergetics and Clinical Hypnotherapy are a very effective treatment for clearing ‘stuck’ or unhelpful energies which may be masking your soul’s natural frequency.  By removing the energy that supports bad habits, undesired behaviours, and emotional traumas, you can unblock your own connection to the infinite well of possibility in your everyday existence.  You will have the opportunity to tap into versions of your “timeline self” that have answers to your questions…to find out who you were before this current life…and remember why you came here …

Have you noticed how our energy fields can become saturated with the built-up detritus of everything we experience?

The energy of events in our lives can get clogged up in our auric/etheric/physical fields of personal energy, including the ‘static feedback’ of our beliefs, feelings, and opinions which are triggered through reacting to these events. The same applies for our mental structures and programs, other peoples energies and feelings, and the larger fields of human consciousness around us.  If we have not released them, they become ‘trapped’ in our fields, and end up as stagnant unhelpful imprints which interfere with the evolutionary development of our system.

Our subconscious mind is one of the gateways through which we can access these stored events, feelings and beliefs, comprehend their role in our current behavior-states, and transform the energy in a positive way.

Hypnoenergetics provides the key to accessing the subconscious gateway, and working with its healing potential.

For those who wish to explore.

Hypnotherapeutic trances are used to direct you to the core of any issue, presenting your conscious mind with the opportunity to release the cause of unhelpful patterns.  This practice can tap into an infinite number of healing techniques and resources in order to assist clients in clearing those energies which are no longer serving their personal journey.  You remain fully aware of what’s happening during the entire session. It is important to remember that this is a therapeutic process – your subconscious mind (and your soul) knows that you will be safely exploring your own internal world. You can do whatever work is needed in this space, which may feel a bit uncomfortable… but is ultimately very liberating.

For those who wish to evolve, transform or become more attuned to their inner being.

Once the root cause/source of an issue has been identified, the practitioner spends some time validating whether or not that was the actual initiating event, situation or circumstance that created the sensation/belief that now informs the behaviour (ie., supports the stuck energy). You are then guided to a point of personal realization (normally by being shown a different perspective of what actually happened) which destabilizes the energetic foundation that supported the self-limiting belief.

In releasing this old energy, you have now made space for new energy (including new understandings, realizations, and more supportive beliefs) to arise within yourself, which provide inspiration for you to uncover further revelations about both your future and your past.  When the old energy is stripped from your personal ‘story’,  a new state of possibility flows through into your energetic timeline, and is directed towards every aspect of your being that requires healing.

Further background and scientific information.

All of our life experiences create a respective “mirror response” chemistry within the body’s many layers. We also inherit the “chemical reactions” of our mother’s experiences that she had while we were in her womb.  The study of epigenetics * explores this area further, and shows that experiences can be passed down through generations of familial lineage, thereby altering how our own genes (which are carrying these energetic impressions from our ancestors) express themselves.  We are heavily impacted by our own early life experiences (including surrounding environment, physical activity, diet, etc.), but it has been conclusively proven that age is not a factor when it comes to how our day-to-day activities can modify genes into producing either healthy or unhealthy “signals”.

Also, language (including thoughts and spoken words) has a significant effect on our energy grid – it has the power to either lift our various states (physical, emotional, etc.) or lower them.  Scientific research done in Russia has shown that our DNA naturally (and directly) responds to the vibration and structure of language.  Genetic coding follows the same rules as all of our human languages, and DNA stores its data in a way that is analogous to a computer’s hard drive – recording and storing the frequencies, thoughts, beliefs and vibrations to which we are exposed on an everyday basis.

Potential Reasons to Explore the Hypnotherapy Modality

  • Clearing stuck emotions and trauma
  • Clearing Ancestral Lineage patterns
  • Psychoanatomy (connecting to your body’s consciousness for cellular healing)
  • Womb Imprint exploration
  • Soul Communion and reconnection
  • Clearing obstacles to desired outcomes
  • Identifying unconscious, self-limiting beliefs
  • Reframing unhelpful “thought loops”
  • Dealing with addictions and habitual behaviours
  • Removing the potency of emotional triggers
  • Calming the pain of difficult memories
  • Reinforcing new, helpful behaviours
  • Addressing the root causes of weight problems
  • Reversing low esteem/self confidence
  • Removing Cellular imprints of other beings from your field
  • Finding your purpose and focus
  • Stress Management
  • Overcoming Low Energy issues
  • Self-motivation and athletic performance concerns
  • Sexual confidence anxieties
  • Eliminating Negative self-talk and Anxiety
  • Coping with Depression
  • Transcending fears and phobias
  • Removing the energetic hold caused by:
    • Pain
    • Abuse
    • Guilt
    • Shame
  • Cancelling Metaphysical Contracts
  • Ending ancestral patterns and agreements

How to prepare for a hypnosis session

Engaging in meditation and other relaxation practices (such as deep breathing exercises) prior to an appointment can be of assistance with regards to relaxing deeply and letting go during hypnosis sessions.  It’s also important to try to remain open-minded and communicative, letting us know if there are any concerns, doubts, and/or fears that you may have regarding the session. There is nothing to worry about, however, as you are always in control, and can return to full waking consciousness whenever you so choose.

What to expect

Hypno Energetics typically takes between 2-to-2.5 hours, and it is prudent to allow for up to 3 hours when making appointments.

It’s useful to take time after a session has finished to relax within a calm, quiet and reflective space which will assist you in integrating your experience.  Allow yourself the time to do so, without needing to return to work or undertake any busy activities once the appointment is complete. It is also advised to drink less caffeine before the session, and ensure that you have eaten a light meal so that you are not hungry during the session.