Embrace Your Sensuality and Power


Embrace your sensuality and power in a sacred and nurturing ceremonial weekend retreat.

Are you ready to re-connect to your true essence? Allow yourself to deepen self love, sensuality and intimacy with life with sacred women’s ceremonies. The ceremonies we will be performing are deeply healing and embodied. The ceremonies are core shamanic practice with galactic activations. The energy training and some ceremonies will incorporate the cacao spirit. When invoked in sacred ceremonial setting, the cacao Spirit is a powerful catalyst for deep healing and transformation. This sacred plant Teacher is Earth Medicine and helps us heal, reintegrate and root back our bodies and ground into Pachamama whilst expanding our connection to the Divine.

The way we work with the Cacao Spirit allows it to be a powerful tool of Self Love, Fertility, Manifestation, Abundance and so much more….Cacao is known as the “Food of the Gods” and has been used ceremonially for hundreds of years in Central and South America.

This women’s only* retreat is a treat for your Spirit and all the senses. This is a deeply nurturing and healing retreat for women to dive deep into sisterhood and embrace new paradigms of women’s work.

There will be ceremonies to honour sisterhood and connect to each element – Fire, Earth, Water and Air.  You will be introduced to the Fire Witch, the Earth Witch, the Water Witch and the Air Witch within.

Every aspect of this weekend is a ceremony as we dance with the beautiful plant spirit of Cacao supported by other plant spirits such as ceremonial, organic tobacco (smoking is not necessary) and various essential oils.

Experience the following:

  • Shamanic energy training class to heal the female sexual organs and go deep into yourself (sat and sun morning)
  • Elemental ceremonies to connect you to your own elemental alchemy and the Spirit of each element: Earth ceremony for gratitude to Pachamama and deep nurturing, Fire ceremony for releasing what no longer serves us, Incense bath/Air ceremony for cleansing and purification, Water ceremony in the ocean for healing the Earth’s waters and our collective waters.
  • Shamanic energy training workshop to heal our sensual and sexual selves.
  • Sacred dance for healing your Divine Feminine and opening energy portals of manifestation.
  • Tobacco ceremony for clearing, prayer and setting intention.
  • Cacao ceremony for manifestation, fertility and co-creation.
  • Drumming Journeys for healing our feminine genetic lineage.
  • Magical flower practices.
  • Womb consciousness – womb ceremony that you will start co-creating 7 days before the retreat.
  • Despacho ceremony.
  • Essential oils for clearing and healing.
  • Delicious and nutritious vegetarian, plant based food which will incorporate sacred cacao into most snacks and meals – a true cacao experience at every level!

Our work with Cacao and intentions is solidified and grounded with conscious core shamanic practice.

Cacao sacrament is made from 100% raw ceremonial grade cacao, sustainably sourced and produced in the Guatemala Highlands and alchemically mixed by Sharon with a signature blend of spices, high potency raw super foods and medicinal mushrooms, magical essential oils, Liquid Crystals, flower essences and shamanic essences of other Master Plant Teachers. It is suitable for vegans. The only contra-indications for ceremonial cacao use are serious heart problems or if using anti-depressants. Please let us know if you are pregnant or following a raw food diet so that the dose may be adjusted.